About Us

SNC Statement

We are an independent group of Sprotbrough people, supported by the Parish Council to put together a Neighbourhood Plan.

The group has sent out questionnaires to every home and business in Sprotbrough, canvassing your views on what is good and what you feel needs to be improved within your local community. The Neighbourhood Plan will then seek to protect these and make changes where necessary for the benefit of both yourselves and future Sprotbrough residents.

The Neighbourhood Plan is being developed to enable us to influence the future shape and appearance of Sprotbrough too.

It is anticipated that the plan, put together through our collaboration with yourselves the Sprotbrough residents, the Parish Council, DMBC, Local Businesses, Community Groups and other interested parties will be accepted into the DMBC Local Development Plan (LDP). This means that although we won’t be able to stop all future developments in Sprotbrough, we will be given an early opportunity to oppose them. Should that be unsuccessful, in addition to the planning regulations contained within the LDP which a developer will have to strictly adhere to, alongside those, and carrying as much weight will be legally binding policies developed by us, stipulating such things as the number, type and appearance of any new buildings, thereby retaining the identity of Sprotbrough for years to come.

Our work has now reached the point at which the draft  plan is concluded.

You can view the plan on DMBC web site www.doncaster.gov.uk/services/planning/sprotbrough.neighbourhood-development-plan

Advice will be given as to what happens next following the guidelines.

We would like to thank everybody who has contributed in contributing to the draft.