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The Journey so far;

A Neighbourhood Plan is a document setting out planning policies for the planning area, these are used to control Planning Applications. Written by the local community they are a powerful tool in assisting the community get the type of development they want.

A Neighbourhood Plan is developed by the local Community to reflect the aspirations of the local community in controlling development. All over the country groups of volunteers are working on Neighbourhood plans and here in Sprotbrough it is happening.

The first stage was completed some time ago and it was the distribution, collection and analysis of the questionnaire ( which you will find elsewhere on this website).

There is a process set out that must be followed in developing and approving a Neighbourhood Plan and will ultimately go to the local residents in the area it covers via a referendum. If the referendum achieves a majority the plan will be adopted and accepted by DMBC and it will influence future development in Sprotbrough.

The finalised Draft plan has now been submitted to the Council by your Parish Council and can be viewed here;


Neighbourhood Plans were introduced by the Localisation Act of 2011 and are an important and powerful tool giving communities statutory powers to influence future development.